Cremation Cost Comparison for
Raymond and Pacific County

At Cremation Society of Washington, we love the open landscape and beautiful nature that Pacific County has to offer. There are endless recreational possibilities here, whether you’re into birdwatching and kayaking, or oyster-catching or hiking. When it comes to selecting a local cremation provider, though, there are fewer possibilities. You still need to make a choice.

That’s why we’ve done a price comparison of simple cremations in the county. In April 2016, we compared the prices of local funeral directors, including their basic services, transfer of remains from place of death (usually within 30 miles), refrigeration and shelter of remains, alternative cremation container, cremation process and temporary urn. We hope you find the list useful.

Please note: some firms include additional services whether you ask for them or not.


Pentillas Chapel by the Sea

Stollers Mortuary

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