Cremation Cost Comparison for
Oak Harbor and Island County

Traveling around Whidbey & Camano Islands as we serve families who have just lost a loved one gives us the opportunity to see some stunning views. If we’re lucky, we even get to see those impressive winter and spring bird migrations. Of course, getting around the islands can be tricky if you don’t know the area like we do. It’s the same when you’re trying to find your way around cremation providers. Which is the best route? To help you navigate your way, we’ve drawn up a cremation price comparison list.

We researched local funeral directors in June 2017 and compared the prices of their basic services of a funeral director, transfer of remains from place of death (usually within 30 miles), refrigeration and shelter of remains, alternative cremation container, cremation process and temporary urn.

Please note: some firms include additional services whether you ask for them or not.


Whidbey Memorial Funeral & Cremation

Burley Funeral Chapel

Wallin Funeral Home

Visser Funeral Home

Evans Funeral Chapel

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